View Full Version : G. Agbonlahor need advice

20-12-2011, 07:08 PM
I started game with A.Villa, just finishing 1st half of the season with some very good results (I'm using Shrew's modified tactic). Bent and Agbonlahor are sharing 2nd place on Premier League's goalcharts.

Here is my question, does 'play with back to goal' move hinders Agonlahor's game? As the fastest striker in the game you want him as poacher, and I thought that he would be better off without it. On second thought he is also super strong (16-17) and it will be easier to give him more touches if he plays with back to goal and with his speed once he gets the ball he'll start and run past defender (he also has knock the ball move).

Still I decided to unlearn him the back to goal move. Now that he has played great (2nd league scorer) I'm wondering if it was mistake? He just unlearn it and in his first game he played like complete crap, which worries me.

Anybody with experience with Agbonlahor please share it.


21-12-2011, 01:28 PM
i would get him to play one twos which is what i got quintero my fast striker to learn so he exchanges passes with rhodes to break the d line, but to answer this question properly might need to know a little more about your tactic as that only works for me due to rhodes being a deep lying forward and therefore playing him through, (i doubt bent is good in this role)