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There's only one Keano
15-02-2012, 08:53 PM
Hey guys i have this question for you about developing your own home grown Goalkeeper.

Now usually i tend to keep my great prospect youngsters in the Under 19's team until they turn 17 and then i just promote them to my first team and use them in rotation until they fully develop. I never send players on loan as i don't trust AI to develop my youngsters. So i do this and it always works out well.

But i never had a goalkeeper to develop. I always buy an established player as goalkeeper is an important position and i can't just throw in a 17 year old and expect not to concede goals. Even more now at the club expecting to fight relegation.

So i have this player generated at my youth, Valerio Barbieri :


As you see he is really undeveloped yet and i don't know what to do to make him into a starter for the future. He is a great prospect though, at great rating too, i keep getting offers from Juve and Roma for co-ownership deals at 3,6 million with future fee of 12 million.

I would like to make him into starter for my side in like 2-3 years time but i don't know how to accomplish that with a goalkeeper. So if you lot can give me an advice it would be much appreciated.


15-02-2012, 11:36 PM
Loan, obviously.

16-02-2012, 12:44 AM
I compromise. Like you, I prefer to develop them myself. But, on my top prospects, if I don't have room or the desire to move them into the first team, I compromise.

The first half of every season, he is home with the squad getting the training I want him to have and, when I am able, I move him temporarily to the first team if I can spot him into the lineup (weak opponent, sure victory, or cup game if sure victory). Come midseason, I consider strongly every loan offer. I want him getting first team action.

16-02-2012, 01:55 AM
Nice little one here, The most important aspect to develop any player is to get their determination to increase (This is done by tutoring). Second thing is to develop a nice training schedule (if not look for Nick or Shrew's trainings, they are very good at it), third is to use the feature training focus (choose and set it on hard). In the case of this youngster i would have started by focussing on improving his positioning. Least but not last, he's still very young train him and give him a run in leagur cups... and it is too early to loan him. Remenber to train a player takes more than 1 season. See Danny welbeck today, SAF says he's a late developer but had shown glimpses of great talent before... be patient

16-02-2012, 07:35 PM
Loan, obviously.

How helpful. :rolleyes:

As has been said, he's too young to loan out.

Nice little one here, The most important aspect to develop any player is to get their determination to increase (This is done by tutoring).

Despite popular belief, this is actually untrue. The determination attribute actually has no effect on player development. What you're looking for is the professionalism attribute. That's the most important. Of course, it's hidden and the only way you can gauge it, is by the player's personality.

You are right in saying that the way to increase determination is by tutoring though. :thbup:


With regard to this goalkeeper, it's a difficult decision to make. If he's going to be as good as your coaches suggest he is, then he's going to need games.

Firstly, I'd have him in the first team squad, so he can train full-time. Then, depending on who your goalkeeper is and what the youngster's personality is, I'd have him tutored.

Then I'd take the plunge and stick him in the team. I realise this isn't for everyone, but there is no reserve league in Italy is there? That's a real pain in the bollocks in this situation.

17-02-2012, 07:25 AM
In Italy there's no reserve league but he can play in the U-20's. The downside to that is that he'll have to take youth training.

17-02-2012, 07:37 AM
Yeah, sod that. I'd take the plunge and play him as much as I can from the off.

There's only one Keano
17-02-2012, 06:09 PM
@ Nimreitz - Thanks :P

@ Pretecf - I like your advice alot regarding first and second half of the season. It's something i haven't thought of, to keep him training first half and send him out second half. Nice advice, i will look into that if i have loan offers coming in. Thanks

@ Rai - I have been aware before of the things you said. As far as tutoring go i will for sure give that a try as i have Sergio Romero as my main goalkeeper, he is very influential on all players thus far as he is performing well for the team as well as Argentina. Training schedule i use for two years now is Maestro Ugo's and they work really well for me. I have him set hard on stamina at first, then second part of season will be quickness. In the second year i will have key goalkeeping attributes on hard so no problem with training. Plus i have two 5 star goalkeeping coaches as well as excellent training facilities. Thank you.

@ Nick - Nice sum at the end of what people previously said as well as your own intake on it. Thank you, as always you are very helpful. I too am thinking of him needing games at my own team if he is really going to progress, it will just be hard to find the right ones to have him play at since we are one of the weaker sides ( on FM paper anyway ) i will really have to pick the right games. Shame really there are no reserves in Italy.

First half of the season i had my goalie in Under 20's team. In that time his stamina, quickness, positioning, handling and areal ability have all gone up by 1 or 2. He just turned 17 now so i will have him play some games for the first team in second part of the season as well as have him tutored by Romero, lucky enough they have same personalities. My goalie has also been named as Italy under 19's Captain now so that's nice too.

He's nothing too special but since he came from our own youth i wanna train him up, that's all and since i never worked on a goalkeeper before i wanna have this challenge for me you know, just a little bit more spice to the game. We will see how it goes.