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Default player graphics tutorial


I am trying to help everyone who want to replace any image such as club logo, player photo, staff photo, etc., in football manager 2008/2009 game. In this tutorial I will show how to put a player image in your fm2008/2009 game:


1) Download and install the fmXML program or software

2) Create new folder with any name in any directory. For example, I create new folder at my desktop and rename it with “ac milan”.

3) Put the player photo you want to upload in your fm2009 game in the ac milan folder you just created. In this example I named the file of my player photo with “paolo maldini”. Also you must notify that the type of image file is should be .png (you can do this by using paint, photoshop, and any image software).

4) Run the fmXML program.

5) Browse and choose your ac milan folder which there is a player photo inside it.

6) Check the “Make config.xml file”, “faces”, “All filenames are IDs”, then press the “GO!” button (after that you will see the “Success! 1 files added in XML file!” message on your screen). It will create one new xml file named “config” inside your ac milan folder beside your paolo maldini image file.

7) Open your ac milan folder.

8) Open the config file using notepad.

9) You must see the following line:

<record from="paolo maldini" to="graphics/pictures/person/0/portrait"/>


1) Open the following folder:

My Documents > Football Manager 2009 > graphics

If you don’t have the “graphics” folder just create it with small letter of “g”.

2) Put the ac milan folder into the graphics folder.


1) Run and load your fm2009 game.

2) Go to Options > Preferences > Display & Sound.

3) Check the “Show Unique Ids” then press the “confirm” button.

4) Click your paolo maldini player in your fm2009 game, as you can see below the player name is no longer the player position instead of number(s) of its player unique id.


1) Change the following line in your config file (press Alt + Tab on your keyboard to switch from your fm2009 game to the config xml file):

<record from="paolo maldini" to="graphics/pictures/person/0/portrait"/>

With the following line:

<record from="45" to="graphics/pictures/person/45/portrait"/>

And then save the file.

If you notify that the “paolo maldini” and “0” are both replaced by “45” which is your paolo maldini’s unique id.

2) Now open your ac milan folder and rename the image file with “45”.

3) Again go to Options > Preferences > Display & Sound.

4) Check the “Always Reload Skin On Confirm” and “Use Skin Cache” then press the “Confirm” button.

5) Once more go to Options > Preferences > Display & Sound.

6) Un-check the “Use Skin Cache” and then press “Confirm” button.

7) You should see your new player image in your fm2009 game.

Wish luck!

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Thanks for the great guide! Do you know where it can be found the fmxml program for 09?
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